Your first of its kind interactive TV, its Fresh, Bold, Edgy, Desifuzion is Harry Malhotra's brain child a platform designed to give a fresh look at entertainment where anchors, comedians, actors, from all genres showcase their talents, A platform where people and their viewpoints are put on air where a common mans ideas, problems, and laughter is featured.

Desifuzion brings you Fresh, Bold, & Edgy programming so if you are bored of the regular programming on your TV this is the place to be.

Desifuzion is not your usual TV platform its contributors the team are people who decided and said enough is enough to boring and the usual television packages you pay for this is free to air TV on your Mobile Phone, Laptop, TV, & Computer watch us on the go Live shows, Live parades, Interact with our hosts and share your opinions make your voice count on daily issues, Watch some of the best comedy shows from comedians and standup which are revolutionizing the community worldwide and more.

We provide you free to air Entertainment, Live Talk Shows, Comedy shows, Political Sattire, Debates, Youth Shows, and yes Religious programs for all Gurbani, Hindu Temple Aarti.

Watch us Live on www.desifuzion.com, Roku, Facebook, Livestream, and more.