Harry Malhotra - Founder/Ceo
Harry Malhotra - FOUNDER/CEO (USA)- has changed the game in Indian Webtv industry, Dftv a live interactive TV started and a brainchild of Harry's is a platform for worldwide viewers to enjoy great, entertaining, quality programs along with a platform for talented individuals to showcase their talents, Harry has brought together individuals who are industry friends and some of the most talented people in the television business, all we can say is that DF team and the platform has no limits it is increasing its viewership everyday by leaps and bounds
Hardev Singh - Director of Programing (USA)
Hardev Singh a name known in the Hindi & Punjabi Film industry and Worldwide for the past 35 years Hardevji has created magnamous art for the world be it Directing Movies, Tv Serials, or Writing or Producing, He has done it all to have a person a talent and a force like Mr, Hardev in the DF team is a blessing in it self. The experience and teachings he brings to the team is unreplaceable
Dinesh Naik - Head Mumbai Office (India)
Dinesh Naik a senior most Editor from the Mumbai Industry has the most editing and programming experience under his belt, along with handling the Mumbai office and staff, Dinesh has the experience and talent of editing some of the most respected names and projects be it Movies, TV serials, Commercials, Beside a Director and Editor is the final cut person of a project and many awards and appreciations prove that Dinesh Naik is the best of the best in the industry
Sarbjit Singh - Camera/ Tech Director (USA)
With an experience spanning over 10 years looking into the camera settings frame or running the operation of a Live show and recordings Sarbjit singh the youngest of all but the most reliable and efficient Tech Director and Camera Person of DF Team is the one who brings your beautiful frames of shows that you watch on DFTV
Gurpreet Singh - Camera/ Tech Director (USA)
A man of many talents, Gurpreet is not just a Camera person, or tech director he is far beyond and more, be it any technical problem Gurpreet is the person who fixes it all like the DF team says, recovering long lost files, preserving footage and bringing quality to the camera frame is just one of his specialties the Tech team of Sarbjit an Gurpreet is an all in and out fun team to work with, every talented personnel artist or big name artist from Bollywood and Hollywood love these guys and a smile comes to the faces of the people as soon as they see the duo DF team behind the cameras or production sets